All of our consigned gowns are taken in by appointment only, this allows us to ask you questions about your gown before the appointment and select a time we are able to thoroughly check it over and help you with an consignment questions. We take consignment appointments Tuesday-Friday between 11:00 and 5:30. Please either give us a call or fill out the appointment request if you would like to book an appointment.


accepted items

We predominantly accept  bridal gowns that have been purchased within the last five years or are vintage items; we also take modern bridesmaid and mother of the bride gowns. Prom gowns may be accepted seasonally between the months of December and March. Before you come in for a consignment appointment, we ask that your items are clean and have very minimal to no damage. Additionally, we accept bridal and formal wear accessories such as, jewelry, veils, petticoats, hair pieces, bridal belts and shoes. 


Our pricing for bridal gowns is set by considering the wear and tear and modernity of your item. We are also able to cross reference online used bridal gown companies to see what your gown is currently selling for online. Typically, we price unworn bridal gowns at 70% of what the retail value was when you purchased it and worn gowns are listed at 50% of the retail value. However, these percentages can go up or down depending on the other factors listed above. We cannot set a price for a gown until we see it in person, though we may be able to give you an estimation if you send us photos prior to your consignment appointment. You are welcome to attach photos in an email or via Facebook messenger.


Consignors receive a 50% payout on the sale of a bridal gown, any other item receives a 40% payout. All payout’s are made after the sale of your item. It is the responsibility of the consignor to call or email Retulled Boutique to check on their sales during their consignment period. We ask that you call or email on or after the 15th of the month to check on your sales. 

Our contract term is for a 120 day consignment period with two 30 day extensions. If you should choose to let your items stay during the extensions, they will be sold at a discounted price. If you would not like to let your items discount, you are welcome to give us a call and set up a time to pick up your unsold items at the end of the 120 days. At the end of your consignment appointment, we will make you a copy of your contract which will have all of the expiration dates and terms listed for your reference.